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45 Foot Paper Airplane Soars Through The Desert Skies

Posted by Alex on March 23, 2012 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

A massive 14 meter (45ft) airplane has soared through the desert skies of Arizona. The airplane which has an eight meter wingspan may be the world’s largest paper airplane. That’s correct, a large 14 meter paper-airplane flew across Arizona.


This project was led by the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, AZ. This project began and was inspired back in January when a contest was launched to see who could create a paper airplane that would fly the furthest. The plane is dubbed Arturo’s Desert Eagle, which was inspired by 12 year old Arturo Valderamo.


Because Arturo’s design won the competition, the museum’s eager engineers worked on recreating a bigger version of the plane. The 800 pound aircraft flew at 98 mph at an altitude of 824 meters (2703ft) after it was lifted into the sky by a helicopter and released. The director of the Pima Air & Space Museum said, "The arresting visual of the paper airplane in flight rekindled the childhood creativity in all of us." The plane will be put on display later this spring.

Escaping From Jury Duty

Posted by Alex on March 22, 2012 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (1)

I’m pretty sure that everyone here knows what your civic obligation is, jury duty. Basically, you go to the courthouse and then with the others attending you decide whether or not the suspect is guilty. Attending is also mandatory unless you have a good motive not to attend.


A woman in Denver Colorado is currently being charged after she decided to share her diabolical plot of how she evaded jury duty. Susan Cole, 57, decided to brag about it in hopes that she would become famous. Unfortunately, calling in to a radio talk show to brag about breaking the law and her civil obligation is the wrong way to go. She exposed her secret, pretending she was “mentally unstable” by her apparel. Cole confessed that “[she] decided not to put [her] makeup on, put black eyebrows [and] red lipstick on.” That can already be classified as ‘unstable’, but she added, “I left my hair in my curlers and I put on a t-shirt that said ‘Ask Me About My Best-Seller.’” She could have gotten away with it, but unfortunately the moron that she is; she decided to brag about it and because of that is being charged with first degree-perjury and attempt to influence a public servant.


She had it thought out because she had it planned out several months before she told prosecutors that she had PTSD and was horribly traumatized from everything that she had experienced. She is expected to surrender because she does not have any justification that could come to her aid.

Xodus Media

Posted by Ali Al-Smadi on March 21, 2012 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (1)

Hello all, Craig Snedeker and his team are always busy, always working on their projects, they never stop, that's why craig has achieved so much, he also helps people and joins organizations, now he is working on XodusMedia, he has been woking on it, but now he switched to tumblr and made a lot of changes.WikiForums is now helping XodusMedia get 100+ on tumblr he has been inviting people, so am I, he's going to have a giveaway, he will release the details after the page on tumblr get 100 or more followers. Here's the link, go follow, so you could have a chance to win something.

Canada, Mice, and the Vikings

Posted by Alex on March 19, 2012 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (1)

I’m sure you all know and remember hearing of the Vikings in the past. Recently, a team of scientists conducted an investigation regarding the people who raided, traded, discovered, and inhabited a vast range of areas. The research conducted by the international group of scientists found that everywhere the Vikings had settled, they brought a common pest with them, the common household mouse. An even more fascinating point is that the only country to not get infested by mice was Canada. The country got lucky and was spared because of its harsh climate to which the mice were unable to adapt at that time. We probably all know that there are mice in Canada today because as time passed these rodents were able to adapt to harsher conditions. I personally, doubt this was because of climate. Other cold countries that had ran-in with the Vikings got infested; meaning that Canada most likely only got spared, but what do you believe?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Posted by Alex on March 17, 2012 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

From all of us here at Wikiforums, we wish you all a safe, happy and green St. Patrick's Day! St. Patrick's Day is a religious and cultural holiday celebrated on the 17th of March. This holiday originated in the Republic of Ireland, and is also celebrated widely in other countries such as Argentinia, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States. Most large cities host parades. This holiday commemorates Saint Patrick and is a widely accepted holiday by the Catholic, Orthodox, and Lutheran churches. This day is often characterized by wearing green. Once again we hope everyone has a wonderful St. Patricks Day!

New iPad Released Today

Posted by Alex on March 16, 2012 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (3)

Apple has extremely loyal and enthusiastic fans that plan on buying the company’s newest tablet, the iPad 3. Fans have been lining up for hours before the Apple Store opens so they can get their hands on the new iPad. A lot of people are almost certain to be disappointed as they will be sold on a first-come, first serve basis and there are more people than tablets.


Those who get lucky enough to buy themselves the new toy will get to experience the tablet’s newest features and improvements. Another reason to why everyone is buying the newest product in person is because Apple does not plan to sell it online for another two or three weeks. 


So let’s take a look at how Apple Inc. has been promoting its newest tablet. Apple has been promoting its products with commercials and features such as a new Retina display with 3.1 million pixels and a new A5X chip, a stunning 5MP iSight camera, and Ultrafast 4G LTE. Certainly it has more features than we just listed but we were focusing on the most promoted features. 


We’re going to link you to two their videos now, but if you want to read more about the iPad’s features visit this page: 


iPad 3 Introduction Video:

iPad 3 Commercial:

World's Richest People

Posted by Ali Al-Smadi on March 15, 2012 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

A few years ago Bill Gates was to be known as the richest person in the world, this has changed, Carlos Slim Helu started to compete with Bill Gates, Carlos Slim beat him, and now is the world's richest man, he beat him by $15 billion.
Here's a list of the ten Richest people in the world and some information about each one.

=increase =decrease

No. 1 Carlos Slim Helu

Net Worth: $74 billion - As of March 2011
Source: Telecom, Self-made, Age: 71, Citizenship: Mexico

No. 2 Bill Gates

Net Worth: $59 billion - As of September 2011
Source: Microsoft, Self-made, Age: 55, Citizenship: U.S.

No. 3 Bernard Arnault

Net Worth: $62 billion - As of September 2011
Source: LVMH, inherted and growing , Age: 62, Citizenship: France

No. 4 Warren Buffett

Net Worth: $39 billion - As of September 2011
Source: Berkshire Hathway, self-made , Age: 80, Citizenship: U.S.

No. 5 Larry Ellison

Net Worth: $33 billion - As of September 2011
Source: Oracle , self-made , Age: 66, Citizenship: U.S.

No. 6 Lakshmi Mittal

Net Worth: $31.1 billion - As of March 2011
Source: Steel , Inherited and growing , Age: 60, Citizenship: India

No. 7 Amancio Ortega

Net Worth: $31 billion - As of March 2011
Source: Zara, self-made , Age: 74, Citizenship: Spain

No. 8 Eike Batista

Net Worth: $30 billion - As of March 2011
Source: Mining, oil, self-made , Age: 54, Citizenship: Brazil

No. 9 Mukesh Ambani

Net Worth: $27 billion - As of March 2011
Source: Petrochemicals, oil & gas, inherted and growing , Age: 53, Citizenship: India

No. 10 Li Ka-shing

Net Worth: $26 billion - As of March 2011
Source: Diversified, self-made , Age: 82, Citizenship: Hong hong

Chinese Human Rights

Posted by Alex on March 14, 2012 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (1)

China has been working to adjust their criminal code, and the change has been accepted. Just reading that sentence you know that it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but human rights activists will certainly be against this amendment. The change that was proposed was to allow police authorities to hold suspects in secret undisclosed locations.


This adjustment to the criminal code was discussed by Chinese legislators on Wednesday. The Chinese media applauded this change in what they called a “step-forward for human rights.” Most activists would go after the country for deeper reasons such as, the death penalty, human trafficking, black jails, and mistreatment of prisoners. You’re probably wondering “what type of mistreatment?” Torturing and not giving prisoners proper medical treatment may be illegal but that certainly does not stop it from happening in some areas of the country.

When you know more about China’s shady human rights past you start to think more accurately. This change in the criminal code gives police the authority to hold them in undisclosed locations for up to six months if the authorities believe that the suspect is involved in any of the following: endangering national security, terrorism, or serious bribery. Even though police have to tell the suspect’s family that they are taking him/her away, the family will not know where they are taken or when they will be released. This can violate the suspect’s human rights because over the course of their imprisonment, we do not know if they will be tortured, be given food or medical treatment, and if they will be provided with the basic necessities of life.

Gas Prices

Posted by Ali Al-Smadi on March 13, 2012 at 10:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Gas Prices were very high, then they went back to less than $2 Now, their back to almost $4 that's here in Texas.

Here's a list of the average gas prices by state.

Area Average PriceTrend

Wyoming 3.335

Montana 3.448

Colorado 3.471

South Carolina 3.557

Utah 3.563

New Jersey 3.596

Mississippi 3.603

Arkansas 3.610

Idaho 3.613

Oklahoma 3.614

Tennessee 3.617

Alabama 3.618

Louisiana 3.629

New Mexico 3.631

North Dakota 3.636

Kansas 3.648

Missouri 3.667

South Dakota 3.676

Georgia 3.689

Minnesota 3.692

Texas 3.699

New Hampshire 3.702

Delaware 3.702

Virginia 3.725

Massachusetts 3.735

Iowa 3.745

Kentucky 3.746

North Carolina 3.758

Pennsylvania 3.779

Florida 3.792

Vermont 3.795

Rhode Island 3.799

Nebraska 3.809

Maine 3.825

Maryland 3.831

Ohio 3.836

Arizona 3.855

Wisconsin 3.862

West Virginia 3.880

Nevada 3.883

Indiana 3.921

Michigan 3.929

Connecticut 3.973

Oregon 3.975

Washington 3.976

New York 3.976

Washington DC 4.033

Illinois 4.063

Alaska 4.245

California 4.352

Hawaii 4.402

Yahoo Slams Facebook With Lawsuit

Posted by Alex on March 13, 2012 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (1)

Have you heard the internet buzzing? With all of the commotion going on between two internet giants: Facebook and Yahoo you must have certainly asked yourself "What in the world is going on?" At the end of 2011 Facebook, Inc. has had 56 U.S registered patents which can be considered rather small when compared with other internet giants.

Yahoo has filed a lawsuit against the social network claiming that 10 of those patents are infringing their rights. Those patents cover advertising, privacy control, and social networking. This conflict started nearly a month ago when Yahoo threatened the internet social networking giant with legal action if they were to not license their patents.

Upon receiving the lawsuit Facebook declared they will defend themselves against the "puzzling actions" by their longtime business partner, Yahoo. In a statement released earlier by the social giant they said, “We're disappointed that Yahoo, a longtime business partner of Facebook and a company that has substantially benefited from its association with Facebook, has decided to resort to litigation." Both companies have connections within their online services that have greatly benefited both of their businesses with traffic.

The company with over 1000 registered patents defended its lawsuit, saying "substantial resources in research and development" were invested over the years. The corporation’s lawsuit states that without their innovations, Facebook would not enjoy "repeat visitors or substantial advertising revenue." Cases similar to this in the past with other companies are often settled with some sort of licensing deal.